MATHMAGIC PERSONAL EDITION 8.83 Terbaru Download 2023

MATHMAGIC PERSONAL EDITION 8.83 FINAL Retakan + Terbaru Download 2023

MATHMAGIC PERSONAL EDITION 8.83 FINAL adalah software yang di ciptakan untuk bergelut di bidang matematika. Dengan software ini, anda yang sedang berencana menjadi seorang guru matematika atau sudah menajdi guru matematika. mudah mudahan software ini sangat membantu. karena dengan fiture yang lebih dari Equestion nya micorosft, tentu software ini akan banyak sangat membantu anda.

Easy User Interface

. Intuitive Graphic User Interface
. Intelligent WYSIWYG editor with auto formatting
. Well organized palettes of Templates and Symbols
. Beautiful interface + Beautiful equations

Incredible Productivity

. Clipping window and toolbars
. Many predefined keyboard shortcuts
. User definable shortcuts for Clips & User items
. Drag&Drop and Copy&Paste to other applications
. Multiple Undo/Redo, View rate up to 3200%
. Multiple StyleSets for group-wide sharing of settings

Powerful + Customizable Features

. Fine adjustment for template shapes, gaps, and locations
. Variety of Fonts bundled and all System fonts supported
. EPS, PICT, WMF, GIF, JPEG, TIFF, TeX, PDF support for compatibility with other software
. Multiple Units and high resolution upto 2300dpi for DTP users

LAngkah Aktivasi

  1. INstall software
  2. Copy PATCH ke directory Installan
  4. ENjoyy.

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